Megan Hammer

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Come explore with me as I combine my passion for creating with my love of nature, and let my art grow wild! I combine elements such as live plants, weathered wood, and wool to create whimsical and functional felted wool fiber art to embrace the textures of nature.


Painting and drawing are my first true loves, but I’ve become captivated by the qualities of wool. As a natural element, it’s the perfect artistic medium to convey my enchantment with all things green and growing wild. I use tufts of wool like paint, meticulously attaching the fiber to a piece of felt with a barbed needle to create needle-felted wool paintings. I’m amazed every time I use the technique of wet-felting to manipulate wool fiber or yarn into a durable form using only soap and water. I’m continually exploring the ways in which I can use this magical material to create art and am always surprised at the results!


Thanks for joining me on this adventure!


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