Megan Hammer

Megan Hammer creates fiber art to embrace the textures of nature. Her felted wool artworks inspire examination and curiosity while encouraging a surprising and unexpected appreciation for the natural world. She has always felt a deep connection to nature, drawn from childhood camping trips to the mountains, afternoons tending flower gardens with her grandma, and explorations of the wild timber and prairie on her family’s acreage in northeast Iowa. For the past few years, she has allowed her passion for the outdoors to influence her work in new and exciting ways. She has become captivated with the qualities of wool as a fine art medium. As a natural element, it’s the perfect means to communicate her admiration for nature through art.


Megan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from the University of Northern Iowa in 2003 and draws heavily on her painting and drawing experience in the application of fiber in her work. Where a brushstroke once was, a tuft of cotton candy-like fiber takes its place. Where a pencil would have created a sharp line, a needle now pushes a tiny strand of wool into place.  She is continually fascinated by the versatility of creating art through different felting processes and loves sharing her techniques during her creative workshops.


Megan can be found admiring the flora of her surroundings, whether wandering the wild prairie, or weeding her backyard flower garden. She creates art from her Urbandale, Iowa home while caring for and instilling a love of nature in her two young sons.

Photo: Gailyn Hill Photography

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