Embrace the textures of nature with felted wool botanical art!

I combine elements such as live plants, weathered wood, and wool to create whimsical
and functional pieces of felted wool fiber art.

Needle-Felted Artworks

I use tufts of wool like paint, meticulously attaching the fiber to a piece of felt with a barbed needle. The wool roving (a bundle of fiber that's soft, fluffy, and reminds me of cotton candy!) is pushed into into my canvas, which is a piece of felt or fabric laid on a foam pad. I use bits of color or multiple colors blended together to create original compositions. 

Wet-Felted Vessels

Using hot and cold water, soap, and agitation, I transform wool roving into soft, sturdy vessels. I love to make vases which hold a mason jar for a fresh bouquet! 

Felted Whimsy

I use the methods of needle-felting and wet-felting to create whimsical and sculptural pieces that always elicit a smile. I incorporate live air plants in my work by creating felted nests mounted on locally reclaimed oak wood, floating pods, and seasonal whimsy!